Bombardier Inc will make two dozen business planes

The Bombardier, Canadian Company that makes jets received another order for 20 planes Challenger 350.

We don’t know the name of their customer, as far as they want to keep it private, and avoid the competition.

What we know, is the price list for 2016 in the Bombardier Aircraft. Now it is easy to count the approximate price for all 20 jets. We think it can be almost $ 534 million. The main question in the calculation is about the equipment of the planes. We calculated standard pack, but maybe customer wanted to change something.

Anyway, this number is big and can really help the company.

David Coleal, the head of Bombardier Company ensures that Challenger 350 is not the ordinary business jet. He claims it had an outstanding reliability and very comfortable inside. He thinks that his team developed the best solution for business travels all over the world.

Challenger 350 got the legendary clean-sheet segment from the earlier model Challenger 300. It has all the latest functional systems and has advanced pilot cabin and comfortable passengers seats.

Let’s not forget that Bombardier has already gained his good name. It is a trustable company with professionals in making planes and also trains.

They want to supply as much airports and train stations with their transport as they can. Their vehicles became well-known even abroad.

Canadian Company Bombardier Aircraft is located in Montreal. They have their shares on the stock exchange of Toronto. They also are in the list of North American Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

According to the Bombardier in 2015, they had the revenues in $ 18.2 billion.

If you want to know more about the plane or about this company, you can just visit them on Twitter or visit their site. They are very active on social media and usually update the fresh news very quickly.

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