Canadian Buffy is ready for a huge fight


Wynonna Earp has already received an unofficial name of another “Buffy- The vampire slayer”. Well, the Canadian version of it.

However, do not underestimate this new Syfy show. You will need to watch Wynonna’s show only for fifteen minutes, and you will understand if you want to be a part of her team or not.

The new show will appear on Syfy this Friday. You probably will not find the “Buffy-styled” jokes, and probably will understand that it is not so similar as media wants to believe.

The main character, Wynonna Earp stars by Melanie Scrofano. The plot may be full of history, as far as the Wynonna is a great, great, granddaughter of you know who – Wyatt Earp, that legendary sheriff. Well, now you know who is who. After the years of happily avoiding of her strange and dark legacy, Wynonna decided to come back home, in her native town.

This girl definitely knows how to fight with bad guys. Instead of ancient and weird wood stick that Buffy used, Wynonna uses Colt.45 pistol that she calls Peacemaker.

She lives with her dark curse, which is really not as original as her producers think. Anyway, there will be a lot of different demons on your taste and some spirits etc.

These dark demons up to no good and only this cool girl with a nice big gun can stop them, and save our world.

Wynonna is not the only one child in the family. Her sister Waverly also has the powers, which apparently we will see very soon.

You will also see the famous Doc Holliday, the buddy of Wyatt Earp with uncertain motivation and very curious for all supernatural Agent Xavier Dolls.

If you are not impressed with this story yet, be sure it must be interesting only with the fact that the plot was created by two “Lost Girl” directors – Emily Andras and Paolo Barzman.

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