Grey’s Anatomy became tenser


The fans of Grey’s Anatomy probably forgot how the Meredith Grey’s smile looks like. We saw it for a few seconds during the last episode.

Once Meredith decided to start her life from a new page, it does not mean that everything will be that easy. We can understand her. She lost her brilliant husband, just after they decided to come back together.

First of all, she has her doubts about the morality of dating with Dr Thorpe. And she has three kids. She just came back after the attack and the constant drama in her life has never gone away.

Shonda Almighty made us wait a week to see the new episode and to find out what happened between Grey and Thorpe.

Sounds like it is a complete disaster.

Attention! Spoilers!

Meredith is a key figure of this show that is true. However, there will be a lot of drama even without her.  Arizona and Callie’s daughter hit her head on the rock. The operation definitely was not the single matter of concern for Callie. She even didn’t know about that, as far as Penny, her girlfriend that confessed to her few hours earlier did not tell about this operation to both parents.

After a while, Callie forgave her and even invited to spend the time with her and Sophia.

If you saw the trailer and decided that Meredith spent the night with Thorp, you are right. Well, that was just innocent sleep after the long conversations. After Meredith woke up, she saw this nice-looking guy and freaked out, which were totally in her style. She said to Will that she is not ready, and he agreed to wait for her.

Oh… and there will be another heartbreaking decision between the other couple. Actually, not just one couple.

Don’t be upset. Let’s hope Shonda still keep the happy ending on her mind.

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