Ice Age was brought to the life on stage


Adventures of brave mammoth Manfred and his friends Sid, Scrat and tiger Diego was converted from the popular series of movies Ice Age into the stage show.

Brisbane Entertainment Centre decided to show children famous mammoth and his fallows on stage.

The main benefit of this show is that everything is happening on the ice. The show became very popular and during the world tour, it is visiting Australia.

It is not a simple ice show, it has a very interesting plot, professional actors, amazing bright decorations and of course they all rolling on the ice.

The show was created by Guy Caron, the professional chief from Cirque du Soleil’s. If it is not the reason to visit the show, try to find Ka and Dralion, another genius invention of Caron. He made it to the circus troupe, and it became a legend.

The first time this show appeared at the Wembley Arena, in London, 2012. Since that time Ice Age Live is travelling all over the world.

Charlene Ramalet, who was at the show from the very beginning, says that they received a warm welcome from the Australian audience. She says that the main bonus in the show is that actors can see the faces of children, their eyes full of joy. Children love ancient animals, which probably looks very fantastic to them.

She is a professional skater, with 24 years of her career. Once she was a professional skater, but now she prefers to make performances on stage for kids, than take part in different sport’ competitions.

She thinks that their job is much more valuable for kids, and all actors can open their hearts in front of the audience, bringing the joy and good mood to everyone.

The show opens on Friday, at Brisbane Entertainment Center.

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