Luck of Super Bad Characters in new Game of Thrones season

This unpredictable show confused everyone after the death of Ned Stark. In any other ideal fantasy world, he could live a long life as the main protagonist.

After he was beheaded it all became very confusing. It is hard to predict something even for the readers of original Song of Ice and Fire books because sometimes scenario of the show is different from the book. However, now we don’t have even a book to check the information.

Many critics that loved that show for its violence and “dirty truth” about human nature few years ago became more skeptical. It is really boring to see how all the characters have a one goal in life – to stay alive.

The whole show became focused on death. If you don’t believe in it, just see the posters for a new, 6 season with the grey faces of main characters and it all will be clear.

Maybe the original books are centered on the power, family values, guilt, even love. And now they need to build the Maslow’s pyramid for each of them, to rid of the one wish – to kill.

After the death of Ned, his children were separated and live in their own worlds. Two of them were killed: one for real, and another… we are not sure for 100 percent. The daughters of Ned may be the favorite characters of George R.R. Martin, as they are still alive, and will be alive for a few more books, probably… if Martin will not change the rules of the game as he used to.

We all hope, that we will see Bran as a grown up this season, but maybe he will repeat the destiny of his brothers – who knows, he already survived the fall from the old tower.

It will be interesting to see Arya and her adventures instead of other killings.

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