One of the favorite villains in Marvel Universe will have a final appearance

Oh, come on, you definitely know the person we are talking about. He is the most popular evil guy in Marvel, so of course it is not Joker. He is a pretty guy with an amazing British accent and a very sly mind.

Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston has already appeared three times on the big screen. It seems like he will wear his helmet with golden horns once again, in the next ‘Scandinavian Adventures’ movie Thor: Ragnarok. Sounds promising, right?

Anyway, you will have to wait till the next year.

The first appearance of Loki character, the trickster, brother of Thor was in 2011, the Thor movie.

Then he pissed of The Avengers, came back to Thor: The Dark World, and now it will be the fourth time he will appear in the Thor: Ragnarok film.

Tom Hiddleston confessed to the journalists that he think next Thor will be the best one, as he missed to work with Chris Hemsworth.

However, it will probably be the last time when we see Tom’s Loki. After the Ragnarok, it all will end for this villain.

Loki had to be in the Avengers: Age of Ultron, in the small episode that was cut. He had to visit Thor’s mind after Scarlet Witch attacked him.

According to the rumors, Loki was cut out of the scene because the audience waited for his appearance even more than main heroes. People began to think that Loki was there all the time and controlled Ultron and it confused them.

So, it is a 100% real fact that Loki will be in the next Thro movie. Some of us are expecting to see him in the new Avengers, but this information is not available for now.

Hiddleston assures that he doesn’t know that either. Well, Marvell is very busy right now with other heroes and villains. We will see plenty of new movies during these few years.

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