The main mistake of Midnight Special


Let’s be honest and admit that the new Sci-fi thriller Midnight Special with the all-stars cast didn’t win the audience.

It had a very good start, and lost people somewhere in the middle.

They had an interesting plot. The idea of a cute child, Alton Meyer, who has the ability to catch the airwaves and listen to them in his head, was unique and original. The scene where the boy begins to speak Spanish as his mother tongue and his father says that it is just the car radio channel was promising.

The director of the new movie is famous Jeff Nichols. And his choice for the main theme could work. The country has thousands of citizens that believe in conspiracy, mystery, UFO etc.

This film covered both religion and technological progress. However, critics admit that after the great idea was the obvious doubts of director how to keep the main style of the movie and escaped from many clichés.

The story begins with an action. Son, father, and their friend Lucas try to escape from a religious cult located in Texas that wants to separate Alton and his dad Roy. The leader of the cult wants to adopt the boy and to make him their messiah. They believe that Alton repeats the numbers of the apocalypses co-ordinates.

Meanwhile, the FBI also receives the information about Alton and thinks that he repeats the secret military codes.

They all want to have Alton on their side.

After a while, we receive an explanation of Alton’s powers and there is the point when the movie loses the audience. The story is good but does not touch the hearts or minds. We don’t receive the psychological madness or drama that we expected from Nichols that we know from “Take Shelter”.

Unfortunately, the Kirsten Dunst’ role as the mother of Alton did not make a movie any better. All became even more complicated.

It was just our opinion and we highly recommend you to take a look on Midnight Special and give us your own. What do you think about the movie?

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