Compass Card is under the fire

Smart Card is something that had to provide better service for its owner. It had to make the journey faster and cheaper. However, constant delays and unexpected small and not so small costs made the life of Compass Card owners not so perfect.
Well, card-owners, there is a good news for you too! We can tell you that you are not the only one who suffers from it. The same payment on-line system does not work properly for Sydney Opal card too. Australia and Canada have never been so close.
Both cards were released by the same company, Cubic. If you don’t know what it is, that’s ok. It is US manufacturer of weapon’s system. Now you have three countries with tight connections.
Jane Dyson from the Disability Alliance worries about this problem as far as they have to provide safety for all their clients.
People across the Greater Sydney have this Opal card which in theory can give the equal payment on the bus, train and ferries.
Opal Company promised an easy and cheaper road with their cards. Anyway, the advertisement did not tell about problems with this card.
Opal card readers do not work very well on many buses and trains.
Sometimes travelers do not have to pay at all because the reader does not see the card. However, after that, they have to pay twice or even more because other readers also do not see the cost properly.
Angry card-owners complain to the bus-drivers and it makes them angry too. Bus drivers can not help in this situation.
The Transport Ministry of Australia has to pay extra money for all free trips of citizens and to receive dozens of complaints from them.
The similar problem had Chicago with the Cubic firm. They sued the Ventra system, built by them for overcharging.

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