Grocery exhibition will bring all foodies to Vancouver

The food lovers can find everything they every wanted in a modern and various grocery festival. There are all natural products on the shelves. Some of these products were raised on Canadian lands originally, and some came from the nearest countries.
You can visit the Grocery West Canada Food during two days, Monday and also Tuesday. It takes place in the Convention Centre of Vancouver. It is a unique event. In West Canada, it is the only one such exhibition of its kind.
It is an annual event. In general, during the exhibition, more than three thousand sellers and foodies will meet each other near the shelves of the hundreds of different products.
Thomas Barlow, the CEO in the Canadian Federation of the Independent Grocers told the journalists that the hit of last year was sriracha.
The favorite of 2016 year is unknown. However, specialists predict that it may be non-dairy milk and different healthy innovative products.
Barlow says that statistic of the last year shows that public prefer to try new flavors. This year must be very interesting, as far as buyers could try different mixes of jams and tastes of ale.
The main trend of this year is similar to the last year, organic and always natural. However, this time, the gluten-free food can lose its popularity. It was on a pick of sales last year, but this year administration of the festival promise something more impressive.
Barlow predicts that beans, peas, corn will be popular this season. They can give as much protein as human’s body need and cheaper than many other types of food.
According to Michael Giudi from Bosa Foods, the customer is well-educated these days. The audience knows what they want, and how it should cost. His firm specializes on Italian grocery with farms and gardens based in Vancouver.

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