IBS Software Global Customer Summit invites 50 airlines

More than fifty airlines from all over the world will be represented in Dubai, during the IBS Summit.
The summit opens in Dubai today. It takes place in Ritz-Carlton, the perfect place for all representatives of airlines to show themselves and to talk about the future on the global market.
Summit will last four days. During this time, 200 representatives from airline companies will attend discussion panel.
There will be 60 professional speakers, who will talk about air transport, and plane industry. The audience will be able to attend twenty-five sessions.
Except the leaders in the air transport industry, there will be technology genius, stalwarts of industry etc. They will teach by own experience how to level up the own airplanes, optimized costs and make bigger money in this field.
The main theme of this year event is about how to survive and make the industry better in the time of disruptions.
The names of speakers are the good advertisement by themselves. Shashi Tharoor, the former UN secretary and Minister of External Affairs from India, Harish Manwani from Blackstone, William Cavendish from Global Sales, Flo Lugli from Navesinsk Advisory Group, Rohit Verma from Cornell Institute, etc.
There will be two speakers from the IBS. Mathews, the executive head, and Rajiv Shah, an executive officer will tell to their friends about local problems in this branch of industry.
Mathews says that we all are living in the time when rules of business are changing constantly, the new world develops with every second. In this time, the airlines business must be adaptive to all fresh ideas and technologies, to the new opportunities. Customers have a lot of demands for the quality of transportation, safety, an economy of time and money. And the company that wants to stay on top and to win new customers have to take care about all their wishes.

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