Cortana will save the Microsoft

Is Microsoft really sure that they have to rely so hard on the Cortana. This innovation had a long history of fails and changes.
It was created almost fifteen years ago as the Toolbar application for Google. It had to make the search easier for the users of Internet Explorer.
It was accepted as a Trojan Horse during the years while it had to ask users of Internet Explorers to use Google search and its other benefits. After a while, Cortana asked users to change Internet Explorer into the Chrome.
Google used the app to receive more audience for Chrome and to crush the IE browser.
Now Cortana is rumored to be the secret weapon for Microsoft mobile version. The main problem is the Microsoft does not work well with Windows Phone system. That is why they need to use Cortana once again.
Microsoft officials say that Cortana is the best solution for everyone.
It was already mentioned a week ago, that Microsoft is working on its new platform that will make Skype calls better. The company relies on the Cortana, that, according to the plans, will talk instead of users with bots and other programs, to schedule meetings, pick the tickets etc.
The Cortana naturally was a web-based, and now Microsoft is working on its development. They want to receive the unity of many other platforms with Cortana.
Cortana calendars will be with Outlook application for e-mails. The main benefits of the work with Cortana will receive Windows 10 users. It will not be a surprise when Cortana will work together with iOS and Android.
Microsoft will add Cortana in Word, Outlook, Excel, and may be other famous application inside the Android, Windows, and iOS.

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