Indian market will receive the old IPhones

If you are still standing in line for a new IPhones and feel upset for its price, you can go to India, and buy old or renovated models.
The taxes inside the Indian market are very high. Even for Apple.
It is not the choice that was made by Apple. They can not afford to sell the new models in this country. So, the older ones is a good solution for the corporation.
Kiranjeet Kaur, the representative of Asia-Pacific IDC says that most Indian phone users will not be able to buy expensive models. Apple will not gather large audience, selling an expensive IPhones.
He notices that the total income in the country is low, that is why Apple will not repeat the same situation as it was in China. Indian rupee is much lower than American dollar, the main currency of Apple. The taxes on the phone’ import, are high.
The company did not give up. They opened few spots inside India and started to sell their old models. However, for now, the total income is not big. They sold less than one million phones.
Vishal Tripathi, the research director in the Gartner, admits that the most popular model at the Indian market was IPhone 4. He assures that the new phone Apple SE will cost almost 589 American dollars and not many Indians will be able to buy such an expensive model.
This year brought 25 million of new phones to India, on 15% more than last year. For now, the most popular company on this market is Samsung that is leading with 27 percent. At the second place is local company Micromax with 14.1 percent.
This year the situation may change. The Chinese company Xiaomi is planning to sell their phones to India.

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