Useful apps for entrepreneurs

It is hard to be the boss. You have to be smart, tough, generous and very creative in the same time.
Well, the new technologies can relieve you from some extra work. You will have a free time for yourself, and new apps will work for you.
It is a personal collection of apps it does not mean that these apps is the only one cure for every entrepreneur in the World.
The first one is Pocket Expense up. It will track all your daily spending. It is very useful. You don’t need to waste your time reading long instructions. It is simple in use. The app can provide you with the complete analysis of all your spending, and you will be able to calculate and to decide what will save your money.
Streaks is another one helper. If you feel stress all the time, you can use this app. The life will change for better. This program will turn all your everyday tasks into the habits. We all have a list of different tasks for a day. If you will type them into this application, it will constantly remind you of them until you will remember them.
Product Hunt is a good choice to everyone who wants to receive fresh information about new products on the market. It will give you an inspiration and maybe bring good ideas for your own business.
Another amazing app is Telegram. It is a messaging program. The main benefit of Telegram is that you can create separate groups up to 5 000 people inside and have the conversations. You can also include the customers inside one of the charts and they will feel themselves a part of your business family.
Dashlane Password Manager. If you have plenty of Internet accounts, you will need to remember dozens of passwords. Of course, it is just a waste of your memory, if you can download them in the personal app. Dashlane is good in protecting the private information.

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