Boston Marathon doubles the security level

After the terrorists’ attacks in Belgium and earlier in Paris, Boston organizers of Marathon decided to double the security. However, they ask the audience and runners to be careful and tell about all suspicious people or objects.
The Annual Marathon has become a good tradition in Boston. It will be next Monday, and there is already available detailed plan of security.
You can see many pictures from preparations to the traditional marathon. Among those pictures a lot of police and security guards, ready to protect runners and their support.
Harold Shaw, the special FBI agent admits that there can be many different threads if you are gathering a huge audience in one place. However, he assures that organizers know every possibility and vulnerabilities of Marathon. They are prepared and ready to meet the runners.
On the 26.2 mile way will stand over 5 thousand agents and police officers. Half of them will be in civilian clothes.
Anyway, this is not all. There will be dozens of cameras that will record every step in the crowd. Organizers already receive the doubled number of detectors for different types of explosive materials. The specialists of the human behavior will watch carefully all streaming video. There will be an extra guard on the bus stations and subways.
Ken Green, the MBTA Chief told the reporters that police do not think that there will be any potentially harmful deeds. They don’t have any predictions for terrorist attacks this day; however, they work with every possibility to secure people in Boston.
He said that the main lesson that they received from Belgium and French attacks is that the communication between all agencies is the most important task.
Shaw believes that with the recourses from every agency they will be able to stop any attack from terrorists.
There will be a careful security check for all runners. They can not bring bags or backpacks or coolers with themselves on the route.

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