Memorial nameplate to all slaves that lived at Harvard

Harvard University opened new table dedicated to all slaves who treated like an ownership in Harvard. They lived and worked there many years ago.
The University president stated that the nameplate is dedicated to all slaves that were at Harvard.
This table decorates the Wadsworth State House. Its walls were chosen because of its history as it was the office of all Harvard’s officials from a very beginning till the 1849 year.
You can see there 4 names of Harvard Presidents slaves, lived long time ago. Two of them, Venus and Titus were servants of the Benjamin Wadsworth since 1725 and until 1737. Bilhah and Juba, listed below on a nameplate were two servants for Edward Holyoke, who served 1737 till 1769.
Drew Faust, the current president of Harvard noted that sad history of the University can not be separated from the US history in general. They also had slaves back then. This nameplate must remind to all its students, teachers and visitors of University of many lives that were stolen.
Faust presented the plaque together with John Lewis, the leader in civil rights organizations. He admitted that there is one way to clean Harvard’s name is to admit all their past sins toward humanity.
Law School of Harvard gave this idea to Faust since they decided to remove the sign of a slave owner from an official seal. However, this decision received many protests from other people.
Above 100 people came to see the opening of the memorial nameplate. Mostly all of them were representatives of Harvard University, professors, administration, and students.
This event happened right after the scandal over Princeton’s decision to keep the name of Woodrow Wilson for its Law school. Ivy League administration decided that they will not change school’s name even after they received provocative documents that proved his segregation views.
Are these two occasions is just a coincidence?

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