Tennessee priest asks not to make Bible a state book

Now the Governor of Tennessee has less than two weeks to decide whether he will listen to the state administration or the religious side.
The bunch of lawmakers wants to make Bible the state official book. The senate of the State has already voted for the bill. It was 19 votes to 8 that pushed the bill further. The main idea of this document is to admit that Bible is the official book of the state.
It received different opinions from both sides. Supporters of the bill say that the Bible made a significant influence on the state over the whole history of America.
No matter how respectful to the Bible it may sound, there is a huge opposition to this law among Catholic leaders. They worry about non-Christians who live in the state. That may cost a wave of protests. People will think that this state gives the privileges to one religion.
Bishop from the Knoxville, Richard Stika says that we can not forget about other faiths, as far as America is a multiethnic country. He also assures that it is a joy for him as far as he believes as a Christian and Catholic that Bible was sent from Heaven as the list of rules from God. However, there are other opinions in different religions.
He believes that this law can make a huge division inside the state. He also assures that true Christian believers will not need the document from officials that will confirm that the Bible is the state’s book. This book is important no matter if it will be declared officially or not, says Bishop.
However, he also thinks that Tennessee must treat everyone in the same way. They must respect every religion of their citizens.
The research center says that 81 percent of Tennessee citizens have Christian religion and 6 percent Catholics.

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