The growing number of students who refused to pass Common core test

Last year parents, teachers, and students went to the streets of New York, to protest against state tests. They said that it is unfair testing and people should change this system.
However, this year students in New York have already begun standard Common Core examination. The tests were taken this Tuesday and it is a time for predictions about the number of students who will refuse to pass them.
Last year had the biggest number of opted-out students. The 20 percent of all students only inside the New York decided not to pass the test.
Carol Burris, an ex-principal of New York’s high school and a leader of Network for Public Education organizations began to share her own thought about this situation in her blog.
She admitted that the last year brought the sensation to New York. Parents who decided to opt-out were criticized by media they were threatened by other educational establishments. However, their idea is still alive and as fresh as always.
She thinks that parents will protest again this year and their number may be even higher from the last year.
Earlier predictions of new test refusals give high percent.
Stephen Sigmund from HANY tried to win the battle against refusals during many months. Probably, it will not give the result.
Some school has only several students who agreed to pass the test. In Allendale Elementary School 87 percent of students refused to take park in the Common Core Testing. The situation in the Long Island and Dolgeville schools is the same.
An Opt Out protests became a huge movement. Parents refuse to believe that after the tests their children will receive a brighter future.
Parents think that these tests does not help, and also pushed their kids into the stressful situation.

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