Wildfires moved away from Iodine plant in Oklahoma

The wildfires are spreading across Kansas and Oklahoma.
The winds changed the direction of the fire away from the Iodine plant and Freedom town. However, the danger still exists. According to local authorities, they can not take the fire under control. The direction of fire will be changed with the new powerful winds.
Matt Lehenbauer, the director of Emergency Management department in the Woodward County, states that the wildfire has not spread to the Freedom town, as far as it was surrounded by the river Cimarron. However, all 300 citizens of this town were asked to leave their homes for a while.
According to him, the new forecast for Wednesday does not promise an easy struggle with the fire. Strong winds may not allow firefighters to work. The wildfires have already burned almost forty square miles of the land in the rural area.
Firefighters decided to watch on the fire from the air and to count the possible damage and the probable solution in this situation.
The blaze has almost reached the plant of iodine manufacture, but firefighters were ready to fight back with firetrucks. Anyway, it did not help much. The powerful fire jumped through the machines and surrounded the plant. In the same time, winds blew it away to other territories.
It is still uncounted how many structures were destroyed by fire. According to the official information, the fire went across the rural areas.
Oklahoma suffered from wildfires in the same area, near the Kansas border, as during the last month. In March, it burned away hundreds of square miles.
Another blaze went to the Luther that is situated in the center of Oklahoma.
The total damage is not counted. Officials suggest evacuating the people from potentially dangerous areas. Kansas evacuated three communities.

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