Anti-gay law made TV show to dislocate

The new bill, that became known as anti-gay made the production of TV show dislocated from the North Carolina to North Hollywood.
The new law about “religious freedom” took away the protection of all gay and transgender humans.
The Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation is the famous and one of the biggest legends in the movie industry. However, when it had to shoot their new comedy “Crushed”, showing the life of a Napa winery, they preferred to move away from the anti-gay state.
According to the company’s statement, they find new law very discriminative. They said in the letter, that till this law will not be forbidden, they will stay away far from the North Carolina.
The Crushed movie had to go to Vancouver, crossing the USA. It was a good possibility to one hundred people in the state, as Lionsgate could hire them for the movie.
The new law in North Carolina limits the options of using A bathroom for transgender people. Sexual orientation, identity is also can be chased.
The other side protects this law, by telling that it is only defendING the freedoms of religious people.
The law received a huge opposition not only from Lionsgate.
PayPal has already canceled his plans for the North Carolina. Braeburn Pharmaceuticals can change its mind about building a new research center.
They think that this law discriminates basically human rights for choice.
The “Crushed” movie is showing the Regina Hall. It had to start from Charlotte and move forward to Canada.

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