Emilia Clark has her own predictions for Game of Thrones

Only true Game of Thrones fans can recognize blue-eyed blondie Mother of Dragons, Daenerys in Emilia Clark.
Khaleesi, this tender sweet victim of numerous rapes and conspiracy received all the attention of fans. And, probably, that is not because they can see her naked from episode to another, and not because she is still alive, that is very strange in the Game of Thrones show. Many fans think that she is a favorite character of Martin, the writer of books that lay in a plot.
She has all chances and all rights to sit on the throne in Westeros.
The show is well-known for the sudden changes in the scenario and no matter how hard famous mathematicians are trying to calculate the main protagonist it is hard to predict if Daenerys will be still alive after the sixth upcoming season.
She has all chances as far as she is the only owner of dragons. That might help.
Clarke has its own special ending in her mind.
In her recent interview, Emilia admits that she does not have much in common with Daenerys and prefers her another character in Me Before You movie, Louisa Clark.
An actress admits that she is really happy to hear that Daenerys can make women feel stronger. Clarke says that she is more calm and uncertain woman. When she needs to make decisions she always imagines Khalessi.
Clarke wants to receive bright future for her protagonist. She wants to her on the Iron Throne, eating a goat. She also prefers to receive beautiful boys back.
We don’t know if Clarke’s character will receive hot boys or not. However, we can wait till April 24th, which let’s admit will be pretty soon. The sixth season will answer our questions.

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