Rob Kardashian weighs 248 Pounds before the Training Camp begin

Robert Kardashian published his real weigh in hope to quickly change this number after five weeks of exhausting training camp.
You can’t find two similar pictures of Rob during a year. His weight constantly changes, and he is not happy about that.
Blac Chyna, Rob’s fiancée, decided to make his wish come true and to train him by her own method during five weeks. She thinks that Robert will be able to lose his extra weight till her birthday. That is what Robert dreaming about.
As all Kardashians, he can not exist without videos, photos, and numerous posts. Bobby filmed the scale number that showed 248.4 pounds.
Chyna assisted Rob by documenting Rob’s name, and height. Now we know that Rob is 6-1, he is almost 250 pounds.
Chyna asked in front of the camera to make physical exercises with him day by day during all the weeks before her birthday party and he agreed.
The reasonable question is the pounds that Rob wants to keep? He is just 29 years old and he want to have 200 or even 210 pounds.
Blac Chyna also posted several videos from their first training. Rob is hitting himself by treadmill and is ready to run.
The worked our probably went well, as we received another record with breathing Robert. His girlfriend asked him how did he like the training and he was too tired to answer back.
Instead of thousand words, Robert showed in camera his sweating face and wet T-shirt.
The pair did not show their relations a lot. They officially announced their engagement this week and shared one of the rare photos with the public.
They were photographed this Wednesday when they were walking in Los Angeles.
Chyna did not resist and showed her seven-carat diamond engagement ring that was made by Rob’s friend Ben Baller.

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