Sarah Paulson reveals her own suspicions for the case of OJ Simpson

The great scandal in American society was remembered in the new popular TV show after few decades.
It has all stars in its cast and a very vulnerable plot. Maybe that is the secret of its popularity.
Sarah Paulson, the star of the show says that there was nobody except OJ. She, like her protagonist believes that all evidence proves that Simpson killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend.
In the last episode advocates of O.J. crushed them, proving that the size of the glove is too small for Simpson’s hand.
As the prosecutor in the show, Paulson wants to prove the guilt of O.J., the real love of the America. The actress admits that after this show she began to see the case clearly. They showed all the evidence, pointed on Simpson. She says that the evidence is very powerful and undeniable.
It looks like the dream team is working on the wrong case.
After the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Rob Goldman, there was found a DNA with the blood of a killer. The last episode showed that, and the expert told that it was Simpson’s blood.
Paulson thinks that it is very hard to find another person with the same DNA. During every episode in the show directors together with cast watched all the evidence, gathered the materials about domestic violence reports from O.J. house, blood samples, gloves, hair. All undeniable facts pointed on the O.J. Simpson.
The mini show became a sensation. It recreated in details the biggest trial of the United States. It ended this Tuesday in the same way, as it was in real life.
Her colleague, Sterling Brown who played another prosecutor Chris Darden said that he has never thought much about this case in 1995. He has never imagined this brutal murder of two people. However, he also admits that it was very hard to him to admit that O.J. the famous sport’ star can be guilty.

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  1. T Ratcliff says:

    Could Ms Paulson explain how Simpson’s domestic violence is evidence of murder…….and Proof of Furhmans racism, planting evidence, taking the 5th, discovery of blood, discovery of glove, lingering at Rockinham crime scene until after 3:00 pm although off duty… all of that doesn’t point to an attempted frame?

    Marcia Clark may not have known who Simpson was (which is doubtful)—-but she ABSOLUTELY knew all about Mark Furhman–his reputation and what kind of cop he really was.

    Simpson COULD be guilty….but her rush to judgement made it impossible to prove.

    At Best—-Clark doggedly pursued the search and arrest and on to trial based on evidence all found by ….a cop …even other police officers didn’t trust or like….

    a cop who had been brought up on numerous charges of misconduct and who had even tried to defraud the city of LA by claiming disability pension……if he had deserved disability he couldn’t have cracked the Simpson case honestly—-but he found the evidence. If he was fraudulent in making the disability claim—-then what’s to stop him from trying to frame someone he thought was guilty???

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