Will Rebel play Adele?

rebel-wilsonMany people believe that Rebel Wilson probably will be the next Adele. Not that she will sing like her, but she may act like her in a future movie.

The information was still unclear. We didn’t know if there will be Adele’s movie. We have seen a lot of singing movies during few years. And they are really working. Usually, they are made about dead singers; however who told you that it will not work? Adele could be the next star who will have her own movie.

A lot of her fans all over the world are really excited about the possibility to become closer to Adele.

Anyway, Rebel Wilson is not as excited as we could imagine. She did not confirm the rumors.

In her Twitter account she wrote that no matter how she loves Adele, she has never received any offers from the directors to play Adele.
However, fans continued to bombard Rebel and asked her if she will consider the proposition to play a famous singer.
And Rebel told that it will all be depending on the script.

If Rebel is an Adele’s fan that does not mean that it is a mutual feeling. During her last performance at the O2 Arena in London, fans asked the same question and Adele said in a tough manner that it is all rumors. She definitely was annoyed. She also told that the similar size does not mean that Rebel will play her on screen. She noticed that nobody asked her permission to make the movie about her life, and without that nothing will happen.

That means just one thing – there will not be and Adele’s movie soon. Probably it will be without Rebel Wilson few years later when Adele will change her mind or directors will offer her a nice plot.

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