Migrants have to come back to Turkey from Greece

Greece officially closed the gates to the migrants from Syria. They are leaving Greek islands and with the police escort are coming back.
The deportation is going well by the European agreement to shut the door to the Europe for refugees. They deported 202 different migrants to the Turkey from Lesbos Islands. The European plan is still very controversy.
The new policy showed the first results on Monday, after the transportation of 202 people.
Human rights activists deeply concerned about the new decision of the Europe to turn away from refugees.
Migrants were departed by ship to the Dikili, one of the Turkey ports. The protesters gathered in Chios, from where another group of refugees was deported.
Among 202 people were representatives of eleven nations, 11 women, and 191 men. The main ethnic group was from Pakistan. However, there were also Bangladeshis and people from Sri Lanka, Iran, and also Afghan. Some of them were even from India. There were only two people from Syria.
Gauri van Gulik, the International Amnesty’s deputy director in Europe believes that it is the end of Europe’s plan to protect refugees.
Europe closed the Aegean migration route. According to Judith Smith, the leader of Human Rights Watch organizations, this situation will not solve the problem. Migrants will find new, more dangerous ways to come back to Europe again. She believes that the Turkey is a dangerous country for them.
However, European officials believe that it is a good opportunity for all refugees and will be the best solution for all sides. They think that by shutting down the dangerous way from Turkey to Greece they will be able to save lives of many refugees.
The situation with migrants remains dangerous even now. On Monday, after 202 refugees were transported back to Turkey, 339 new migrants were registered in Greece.

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