Why the approval of main coal mine in Australia is so important

What the approval of this coal mine will give?
Australia’s coal mine can give more jobs and the economic growth to the whole country. Do you believe in it? Anyway, it may be worth to try.
Queensland Government has to give more money, $22 billion for Carmichael Adani coal mine. This money will be spending on the Galilee basin that can support Australia with a coal, and as many believe be a new economic miracle.
The main question is about Great Barrier Reef.
Ecologists ask to stop the project as far as it can harm to the nature of the reef and cost the global warming.
Shani Tager is one of the Greenpeace activists who think that there must be only one solution – to start the work on the mine or to save the natural beauty.
According to official prognosis general mine will include five careers underground and six open cavities. The workers will have to dredge inside the territory of 1.1 million meters close to the Big Barrier Reef, in the Queensland’s Marine Park.
The Queensland authorities think that this project must be developed further.
Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Premier Minister of Queensland, says that both of them can co-exist. She thinks that the project can give enough working places on the reef, so they must go together.
The money is one of the main questions. The previous calculations give 11 billion tonnes of the pure coal from three mines.
According to Premier, this project will give 5 000 jobs during the process of construction and 4 500 jobs during the main operations.
Another expert, Ellen Roberts from GetUp! believes that damage of the reef will cost more money than the profit from coal mining.
The damage of a new mine can be far bigger than officials can calculate.

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