Cleaning weekend on the Calgary rivers

The rivers and the small pathways at Calgary had lost its reputation as the cleanest rivers in the region a long time ago. All is left is its history.
This weekend volunteers who care about the environment decided to clean the rivers. They started from the one bank and moved to another.
This Saturday, people have jumped into the rivers. They did a lot of work.
The small group of volunteers decided to clean the river from inside. They gathered very different garbage from laundry to cigarettes and different discount cards.
Naomi Gropp, one of the organizers of this event said that they are very impressed with the help from people, who decided to dedicate their free time to the cleaning. Volunteers have found bicycles and bags in the water. She is afraid of what can be found during the open swimming season. She says that some lost of thrown away good are really fascinating. They would have never thought before, that the whole barbeque could be found in the river, as far as the boat or bicycle.
On Sunday, more volunteers worked on the banks of the rivers.
This event is annual. The group of people gathers each year to clean the rivers and banks. It is the seventh time that volunteers came to help.
Organizers have better equipment and can explore the river with rafts and canoes, wearing the wetsuits.
Another volunteer, Meggie Nelson is responsible for cleaning the local parks. She told the press that during last year’s cleaning, volunteers have gathered more than 4 000 kg of trash. They worked in a large group of people. At the end, they counted almost 2 500 people who made cleaning.
Last year the most popular trash was cigarettes. However, they have found many relics, like, for example, completely decorate new year tree from the Christmas Eve.

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