The new rise of prices for Australian houses

After a small delay in the rise of Australian houses prices, it jumped again in April.
Australians had a small time to relax and enjoy the steady situation in the economy. However, the prices for homes in the big Australian cities like Brisbane, Adelaide and of course Sydney has a noticeable increase.
It did not just jump on a couple of percents. According to the last data from official research, the value of Australian houses rose from 1.7 percent to 7.3 percent by annual numbers.
The increase has been noticed in March. It went high on 0.2 percent than. And in February, the prices rose by 0.5 percent.
In April, specialists noticed the seasonal increase with annual 2 percent rise. The numbers are different for each city. Sydney, as one of the most famous cities in Australia, received an extra increase on 2.4 percent in April. And in Brisbane, it rose by 2.2 percent. The lowest increase was noted in Adelaide, the third biggest city in Australia. The prices on real estate went higher on 2 percent.
Another big Australian city with a large infrastructure Melbourne felt a small increase by 1.1 percent in April. However, economists counted the annual increase in 10.1 percent and it made it automatically the only one capital with the double growth of the price on its houses.
It also must be noted that the prices for the real estate went high almost at all the places in Australia. For example, the houses in Canberra could be bought with 1.2 percent higher price in April than it was before.
In Perth, the value of the home rose by 0.5 percent.
Well, according to the official data, real estate in Darwin and Hobart lowered its price on 2-1.7 percent.
According to the economists, it is unlikely that this increase will continue to grow.

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