The rumors about Taylor Swift in new X-Men movie

taylor-swiftAs far as we know there have been plenty of rumors about Taylor Swift cameo role in the new movie about X-Men.

When has it started? Well, we can all say thanks to Simon Kinberg, who leaked the photo of him, Sophie Turner and James McAvoy together with our pretty pop-star. It was in 2015 year. Since that time, fans of both, Taylor and Marvell comics can’t wait to see new X-Men: Apocalypse movie.

However, no matter how hard we want to see the country-pop singer Taylor on the blue screens as the cameo for a new mutant movie, we have to trust official statements from her representatives. And, according to Swift’s managers, she will not join the cast of X-Men movie.

Now, it is very hard to believe because fans have already decided what role she will play. It had to be Dazzler, the singer-mutant in the Marvel Universe.

Now we can blame Kinberg for making a picture of the cast of the ninth X-Men movie together with Taylor Swift.
Maybe Swift was just in the right place at the right time. Anyway, her managers denied any gossips of her joining the all-stars company to become a new mutant with superpowers.

According to the official statement, Taylor Swift appeared in Montreal at the same time with the shooting of the movie just because she has a concert there. She met with the actors only because they were in Canada when she was there. She was on a tour for her new album.

During that time, the director was making the new movie about mutants’ daily life with James McAvoy as their bald leader, the professor Xavier. The cast had to do something to relax after the intense working day, so they decided to go to the concert of Taylor Swift.

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