Benefits of one minute work out

According to the new researching, the first sixty seconds of intense workout can be much better than an hour of moderate exercises.
The study showed that 45 minutes of moderate workout can be compared to one minute of a hard work.
Busy people with crazy work schedule can assure you that it is a hell to cancel all your plans just to go to the gym. Many of them wished to have time for it, but they don’t.
The new study probably will save them from choosing between healthy life and their own business.
According to it, the sixty seconds of very intense training can influence on your body the same way as 45 minutes of moderate workout.
Be sure you get it right. The 45 of gentle training is equal by its psychological effect to the intense training.
Usually, the ordinary training consists of different levels of speed and intense. Athletes prefer to change exercises during the workout. They can make it with low-speed or with the high speed, rest during some of them and sweat during the others. That helps them to improve their own power.
However, during the last years, people become wonder if it is possible to escape the long pauses during the training and to take only intense moments.
Many scientists worked on that question. The theory could remain just a theory until recent days when they had a chance to test it on practice.
In theory, the training without pauses could save the time and be as good as a long one. However, people were afraid of the consequences for their health.
The researchers from Ontario dedicated many years to the study of intense short training. They gathered 25 healthy men, with different levels of physical activity. And after that, they tasted them with two different training. After many weeks of researching, they came to the conclusion that first intense seconds can me more important than the following.

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