Fishing will become the main tourist attraction

Australia has a lot of natural attractions for international tourists. Usually, it is famous for the water activity. Young people come to Australia to catch a wave. Adults want to walk under the water and see the Great Reef.
And it is really strange that fishing has never been one of the most important attractions, as far as Australia can welcome much more fishers across the world by representing the diversity of ocean life.
Now, businessmen are ready to invest their money into turning Australia into the fishing paradise.
According to the latest research, fishing has a potential to become the most successful attraction for tourists.
John O’Sullivan, the director of the national tourism company, says that by the official statistic over 315 000 tourists from all over the world were fishing in Australia in 2015 year. According to his calculations, it is more than five percent of all tourists that visited Australia during the last year.
He believes that fishing must come to another level, and turn from the local activity into the international. He thinks that many tourists just do not know the real potential of Australia when it comes to fishing. And Australians should fix this situation.
He says that it is a great opportunity for many businessmen in Australia to focus the new service for tourists on fishing, and show the real beauty of the natural treasures like rivers, lakes, coastlines, etc. John believes that this new attraction will suit the best with the local coastal and aquatic campaign, headed by the government. This theme also will connect with the wine and food service, as far as tourists will probably be hungry after fishing and some of them will want to try their catch in the same moment.
Travel agents can show tourists the way to enjoy fishing, with adding all services they would possibly need.

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