The Polar M600 Smartwatch Announced: Fitness Enthusiasts Rejoice!

As the smartphone industry keeps rising at a fast pace, the smartwatch industry is not left behind too. New Smartwatches featuring brilliant designs and series of breathtaking features are released from time to time. With the announcement of the M600 Smartwatch, Polar has finally brought a Smartwatch made genuinely for the fitness world. Polar is now recognized for being the go-to provider when it comes to tracking systems and heart rate monitors for team sports as well as group fitness.

As technology companies started to develop smart watches featuring fitness tracking capabilities, Polar decided to develop a type of smartwatch that not only featured a fitness tracker, but also features other smart capabilities such as  heart rate monitor, music streaming, calendar notifications, voice control, and a couple of other features just to keep you connected.

The Polar M600 Smartwatch is described as a sport optimized smartwatch that will really assist you with your daily fitness routine. The M600 comes with a more sophisticated fitness tracking features. It consists of an advanced heart rate sensor equipped with six LEDs as a replacement for the usual two. This will definitely make monitoring and reading heart rate easier, reliable and more accurate.

Some hardware features of the Polar M600 smart watch  include a 1.3-inch TFT Gorilla Glass 3 display, GLONASS, and GPS. The device will provide you with 4GB of internal storage with 512MB of RAM just like many other smartwatches. The Polar M600 Smartwatch  is powered with a 500mAh battery which can last for more than a day before a recharge is required.

The silicone strap of the Polar M600 Smartwatch can be detached and washed. You can also exchange the strap with different colors in case you are the fancy type.

The Polar M600 Smartwatch comes with a new and exclusive smart coaching feature which will assist you in achieving your daily fitness goals. It acts like an activity guide by showing you how active you’ve been so far and providing you with tips for attaining your daily fitness goals.

Polar’s history and experience in heart rate monitor technology, makes the Polar M600 smartwatch one of the most reliable wristbands that can successfully measure heart rate measurements. It makes use of Polar’s branded optical heart rate technology in providing wrist-based heart rate monitoring via a 6-LED solution. The Polar Flow app examines your heart rate and provides you with a brief description of the meaning of the resulting measurements. With this, you can be sure you of attaining the highest quality training.



In conjunction with Polar Flow app, the Polar M600 Smartwatch gives you a training schedule for a particular event.  All you are required to do is to simply select your event date, the goal you will like to attain, and answer a little question to know your current fitness level and the number of days a week you will like to train. A personalized training schedule is developed.

With the release of the Polar M600, Polar hope to stake a claim at the top of a competitive fitness technology category.

The device has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity option which will enable you to synchronize the smartwatch with your smartphone. The device runs on the Android Wear platform and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The Polar M600 is IPX7 certified and it is suitable for swimming up to 10 meters.

The Polar M600 will be made available in charcoal black and powder white later on for $329.90. A Polar red color replaceable band will also be available soon.


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