New MacBook Pro from Apple to feature Touch ID Sensor and OLED Mini Screen

Recent events have revealed that Apple is planning on unveiling new 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops that come with retina displays any time soon. Apple Inc. has started making an entirely new MacBook Pro laptop with exciting new features including a Touch ID sensor as well as an OLED mini screen just above the keyboard. These reports have been confirmed by Bloomberg’s Gurman and other well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. The new MacBook Pro is definitely going to be a big release.

The new MacBook Pro will likely be lighter and thinner, but not wedge-shaped unlike the 12-inch retina MacBook or the MacBook Air. The whole frame of the device will likely be smaller. The bezels around the display will be smaller too.

Above all, the most noteworthy addition should be a narrow OLED display that will be placed right above the keyboard. The OLED display will serve as a replacement for the physical function keys including a touchscreen. This will probably stand as the most surprising element to be anticipated in the new MacBook Pro. For now, no one knows exactly how Apple will be using this strip. The basic functions such as media and volume can be controlled directly from the OLED display screen. Apple may also take advantage of the OLED screen in displaying shortcuts and other information depending on the applications you are currently running.

The fact that these yet to be released MacBook Pro will not in any way look like a MacBook Air is a very good sign especially to those of us who usually rely a lot on the ports multitude on the existing MacBook Pro. More than a single port should come with the device. Apple may also replace the USB ports with USB Type-C ports. Both the Thunderbolt ports and the MagSafe port will also be replaced with USB Type-C ports as it can support the Thunderbolt protocol.

There are also plans by Apple Inc. to integrate a Touch ID sensor into the MacBook. With the touch ID, your laptop can easily be unlocked without being required to type in your password. The Touch ID sensor would ship using a secure enclave. This will make your MacBook more secure than ever. With this, app developers can as well use the Touch ID for other functions. It will also make Apple Pay for Macintosh OS Sierra more secured.

The Intel Skylake processors may be used by Apple. This will provide improved energy consumption and also boost performance. A much more sophisticated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips should be anticipated.

Introducing a retina display with a sleeker MacBook device will go a long way in correcting the notion that the MacBook Pro was now outdated as the last major update last took place in 2012.

The new MacBook Pro will be introduced to all and sundry at the iPhone launch event taking place the first week in September.

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