DJI Phantom 4: All you need to Know

With the Release of the Phantom drones, DJI has succeeded in taking over the ownership of consumer airspace. DJI’s Phantom 4, A white, 4K-camera-toting quadcopter is now the Prius of the skies; accessible, hip, and universal. The Phantom 4 ($1,399) can go to the extent of flying itself.

This latest reiteration of the Phantom drone comprises of improvements in two major areas: the collision avoidance system and the automated flight control. Even though the drone is not yet a fully autonomous drone, of which you can be able to command it to perform your request with a flick of a finger, it looks like they are almost there. The Phantom 4 is remarkably easy to fly. The onboard sensors also prevent it from colliding with objects obstructing it. Some of its features include:


An innovative stereo Vision Positioning System (VPS) which gives the Phantom 4 accurate hovering, even with the absence of satellite positioning support. This makes it safer and easier to fly. Furthermore, The VPS also permits it to break instantly as well as hover when joystick controls are released.


The new core design lifts the Phantom 4’s center of gravity closer to the drone’s heart. Hence, balance is improved. This makes the Phantom4 agiler and impressively precise.


Advanced computer vision and processing combine with Front obstacle sensors make the Phantom able to avoid obstacles after sensing them. This allows it to react to obstacles and avoid any obstacle along its flying path.


The Phantom 4 is equipped with to 4K at 30fps and Full HD 1080p at 120fps camera making you able to shoot clean and sharp video even if it is slow motion you want. This has been made possible by the newly-designed lens which can dramatically increase its sharpness.


The enhanced automated fly controls now make flying the zone relatively easy. Smart Return Home can bring it back with another tap.


Best-in-class flight control is provided by the Phantom 4 in the new Sports Mode. Coupled with its magnesium core which has been designed for increased agility, it will bring you the ultimate excitement of speed. Maximum speed is may increase by 25%. All other positioning systems are kept on for a better controlled, and safer flight.


With a streamlined body, the most innovative propulsion system, and a larger battery, the Phantom 4 can achieve a 28 minute flight time.


The Phantom 4 automatically enters the details of every flight you take making you able to check back on previous flights.


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