Android Nougat: Google’s New Operating System

Google has recently released a new version of its operating system for Android mobile devices, named Nougat. The new software consists of tweaks that Google says will provide users room for more customizations options, improve battery life, and also improve productivity.

However, the update will be available only on Google’s Nexus line of devices and LG’s imminent V20 phone for now. Devices from Samsung and some others firms may likely get the updates in the approaching months.

Some of the new features include:

  • Android Nougat’s Direct Reply feature

Replying to messages and emails just got easier. This can now be done directly from the notification itself. This makes providing quick responses quite easy. You are not required to open an application just to send a “see you then”, “later”, or “I’m busy”.


It is up to the individual applications to implement how they want their direct reply feature to look like. Even though Google’s own apps like Hangouts will have the feature already implemented right from the start. You can as well long press on notifications if you choose to hide them in future.

  • Android Nougat’s Quick Settings Feature

The Quick Settings menu that appears when the top of the screen is pulled down has been modified a little. You will now be allowed to select the most relevant settings.

Instead of seeing the whole menu on swiping down, what you will now see are just the icons for mobile data, Wi-Fi, battery, flashlight, and do not disturb. By clicking the down arrow, You can open up the full menu to select your frequently used setting. For example, If you turn Bluetooth on and off a lot, you can move it up near the top.

  • Android Nougat’s Splitscreen Mode

Android Nougat introduces a splitscreen view that, provides you with the opportunity to use two apps concurrently. You to view YouTube in one window and WhatsApp in the other. Kindly hold down the recent apps button in order to launch the current application in split screen mode.


You’ll be able to choose the second application to splitscreen with and can move the divider to modify how much screen is used by each application. This works better when you put the screen orientation of your device in landscape mode. Although this feature is not new on some android devices such as Samsung. The splitscreen feature has been included for some time now, but it is being made universal right now. Double tapping the recent apps button will switch between the two most recently-used apps.

  • Enhanced Battery life

Google has helped in improving Doze. Doze is the battery-saving feature it earlier introduced with Android Marshmallow last year. The feature helped in limiting the battery usage of some applications when not in use.

On turning off the phone’s screen, or moving it around in a bag or pocket, apps will be put into an additional “deep doze” mode to save more power.

  • Android Nougat’s other features

72 new and exciting emojis have been introduced, including bacon, clown face, and facepalm.

Nougat now has more support for Virtual Reality (VR) and relatively high-speed games with the help these two new platforms: Vulkan and Daydream

Subsequent software updates will be installed a lot faster

  • What devices are available and how to get it?

Over the coming weeks, Android Nougat will be available for:

  • General Mobile 4G
  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus 9
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel C

Google’s upcoming phones will also come preinstalled with Nougat, as well as the upcoming LG V20. The update will slowly but surely be made available to other new devices from other manufacturers in the coming months. For now, it may still be unclear which phones will get the update and when the update will be ready.

How to get it:

You will surely be notified when your update is ready. For manual check,

  • Go to Settings
  • About phone/tablet
  • System updates
  • Check for update.




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