Hydrogen Powered Drones and 4k Camera Drones

Many companies like GoPro, DJI, Intelligent Energy and Flyer, have transformed the way we used to look at drones. Drones are no longer meagre toys. In 2016, we’ll be expecting more hydrogen powered drones, and 4k Camera drones. The 4K Camera drones will still successfully deliver a crystal clear image even at a remoter distance. This will definitely enhance surveillances, video recordings, selfies, and live streaming. The hydrogen-powered drones will be able to stay much longer in the sky. They will use Hydrogen as their source of energy.


MMC has unveiled their new line of drones in Shenzhen. Nothing really spectacular about the drone though except for the fact that it remains possibly the world’s first drone power-driven by hydrogen cells. This drone is can stay in the air for over four hours nonstop on hydrogen fuel. The drone is larger than the largest DJI drone. It has a diameter of 1.5m.

Basically, most drones are powered using lithium polymer batteries. This usually allows the drone to be able to fly for up to an hour before running out of poser. Many other companies have now followed suite in the development of Hydrogen fuel Powered Drones but MMC seems to be first.

The most competitive business In Shenzhen is drones. Most drones all over the world are manufactured here. DJI, the world renowned drone company which accounts for over 70% of the world’s drones is also based in Shenzhen.


At the International Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2016, drones with 4K video-recording cameras were the bomb.

At the annual Electronic fair, drones have occupied a significant spot given the increasing admiration of these devices.

Chinese company DJI, displayed the new Phantom 3 4K at the tech show. DJI has earned somewhat a status for itself in the industry with their release of Phantom and Inspire Drones. The Phantom 3 4k comes with a 4K camera coupled with Live HD feed.

Nevertheless, not only DJI showcased their 4k drones. Yuneec Typhoon H series drone, an hexa-copter, has a 4K camera at its bottom and also comes with Intel’s RealSense camera technology. The RealSense camera makes sure that drone does not crash into anything or anyone. It also comes with a retractable landing gear.  The RealSense camera helps to sense obstacles automatically even if your drone flying skills are terrible.

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