All-Natural Beauty Tips

I have come to understand that if you really want to look your best, your best needs to be felt by you. This inside-out approach has allowed me to encourage a slew of tested and trusted tricks and tips, from the way I order what I intend on eating at a restaurant and down to the types of clothing I put on during workouts. These are the methods I employ consistently in an effort to retain a youthful, healthy, and stunning outlook in a complete, healthy way. Below are few of my natural beauty tricks and tips.

  • Sweat it out.

I really believe in sweating a lot. Over the years, sweating has done wonders for my skin by opening up pores. This has helped in flushing out toxins. Above all, it helped me shed pounds making me maintain a physically fit physique.

Wear a trash bag the next time you work out. This is to increase your sweat flow. This might look a bit ridiculous to you, but on a more serious note, you will feel much better later. Also, if you have the chance, sit in the steam room or sauna after working out to make sure you are really shedding the water weight. Sweating has now become very popular as of late, to the extent that we now have entire clothing brands producing clothes to help you sweat more.

Your commitment to sweating should not just be about what you wear. It should also be about your mental state. Anytime you work out, try as much as possible to push yourself to the max. Do this with the aim of constantly trying to challenge your endurance and ability to work your muscles a little bit harder than the previous day. Using this approach for at least three to four days a week will help in toning and slimming your body even more effectively compared to a moderate seven-day workout routine.

  • Increase your water intake

This may sound simple. Hydration is a key component to preserving a youthful, young, and glowing complexion. Do what you can to make craving for water look to you as appealing as possible. Try spicing it up. Treat it like a cocktail. Mix-up some cucumbers, throw in a few mint leaves or squeeze in a bit of lemon. Try as much as possible to do whatever you can to make the water feel like a special treat. Not only will this make it taste better, but it’s also a great metabolic booster.

  • Dry brush, exfoliate and moisturize your skin often

Dry brushing is undoubtedly the least expensive spa treatment on the market. It helps in boosting internal circulation. Also, it is effective at shedding dry skin. When your skin looks like it is at its driest state, dry brushing is most effective.

After dry brushing, take a shower and exfoliating with a sugar scrub to shed any excess dry skin. Afterward, your skin will feel so smooth and soft. You will start to get the results of an entire spa treatment just by going through a 15-minute process.

Once your skin gets rid of all the grime and grit, it is important to top it with a moisturizer. You can decide to opt for the real stuff, rather than buying an expensive bottle of lotion permeated with avocado oil. Many mainstream grocery stores as well as any local health food, contain organic avocado oil these days. Avocado contains vitamins A and E. This makes it a great natural moisturizer. It is also packed with sterolins, a natural steroid that is effective at reducing age spots and boosting collagen. It can also be used with a hair serum. This stuff is principally the Windex of oils. Be sure to keep a bottle on you at all times.

  • Load up on fiber.

The key to keeping your weight low and your metabolism high is Fiber. Every day, try to eat low-fat cheese and fiber crackers topped with tomatoes. When you want something a little heartier, you can make a great fiber cracker pizza for yourself. Spread two crackers with Parmesan cheese and red pepper sauce. Stick it in the microwave for 20 seconds. It is very easy to make, really healthy and delicious. Try as much as possible to include lots of vegetables in your diet. Eating vegetables for an entire day helps you to get a lot of fiber from vegetables and fruits into your system.

  • Do not be afraid to be high maintenance.

There are a few tricks you can always adhere to when dining out. This is to ensure that you can enjoy the atmosphere without putting on the pounds. Always order a salad before your entree so that you get fuller faster. You can also look up the menu before time so that you will be able to know exactly what you are going to order and would not be tempted to change your mind when you get there.

The moment the waiter brings out your amazing bread basket, remembers to politely order the waiter to take it away. This is to ensure that you do not get tempted into having a bite. Go for vegetable-based sides like steamed broccoli with garlic or steamed spinach coupled with a side of Dijon mustard. Try as much as possible to stay away from entrees saturated in a sauce; instead, request that your meat is grilled with little oil or butter. This can be a bit high maintenance at restaurants. Will you rather be skinny than sorry?

  • Be a smart traveler.

This begins with your wardrobe. Try as much as possible to put on aviators and a hat, with black pants matched with oversized grandpa sweater or blazer.

The real key is to always wear a scarf. It tends to add a fun styling element to your dressing. It can also act as a blanket when it gets cozy on the plane.

In addition to your wardrobe, you can also try to focus on therapies to combat jet lag so that you can feel as refreshed as possible when you get to your proposed destination. A couple nights before you travel, start getting familiar with the time zone. If you are traveling or flying east, go to bed early. You can stay up late when headed west.

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