Best Wifi Light Switches

Home automation is a vital part of any smart home. A fundamental component to this is upgrading your light switches using smart lighting or WiFi light switch. This refers to installing a light switch which can be remotely controlled through your iOS or Android devices.

Not only do WiFi light switches provide comfort and convenience to home users. You can easily check if lights were unintentionally left on. With this, you are able to control the light switching. Hence, money is saved on electric bills. It also helps in adding to the security of your home.

One of the most popular features of Wifi lighting switches/controls is the ability for you to be able to control lights from a distant place. Light can be controlled in the house, at work or even on the road.

As with any kind of new technology, there are a lot of companies out there who has to introduce inferior products into the market. I have been able to select some of the best WiFi light switches you can come across on the market. These wireless light switches are produced by companies that are reliable companies. Products that have a strong track record of excellence and value.


The Ankuoo NEO WiFi Light Switch is a WiFi light switch which comes with a free app. Your lights can be accessed through the app. You can also set timers for anti-theft precautions and to better conserve energy.

This WiFi light switch showcases a modern design of simple single-touch, with high-gloss finish faceplate which sports power. It also has network connectivity LED lights. On switching off the lights, the power LED light will illuminate. With this, you can easily trace a switch in the dark. Connection to the internet is indicated by the LED.

Each installed wifi light switch can be controlled using the free NEO app. This light controller has been designed to run on mobile devices using Android 4.0 and above and.iOS 6.0.


The Belkin WeMo Light Switch offers you an incredible control of your lighting through the mobile app. With the App, you are able to remotely trigger a light and schedule whenever it turns on and off.

The app also helps in keeping track of how long a light has been left on. It goes to the extent of estimating the electrical cost for that particular session of activity. It can even estimate for the month. The wifi lighting control has been designed to substitute an already existing switch. It comes with both a faceplate and the new switch.


Switches like the Chamberlain WSLCEV are quite easy to install. They can be controlled remotely through a mobile app. Switches can be activated or deactivated using the app. You can also set up an alert to notify you when a switch is being used or control your garage.

It can be controlled from anywhere through your tablet, smartphone devices, or even a remote control. The app makes it easy for you to access your wifi lighting switches. This will allow you to know how long a light has been left on. The app also offers a list of alerts which can as well serve as security measures.


The Cooper RF9535-NAW is a groundbreaking device and a step toward having a fully linked smart home. It provides you access to many Wifi light switches all over the house. It allows you to set dimming levels remotely. With its preset dimming levels, child lockout capabilities, and network detection, this WiFi light switch can put your home years ahead that of your neighborhood.

This WiFi lighting switch has been designed with several other features to increase its usability in homes. It comes with an all-off or all on inclusion. With this, you can automatically switch on or switch off all lights connected to the switch.


The GE In-Wall Lighting Control is a WiFi light switch which has been designed to connect you remotely with your house’s lighting controls. You can activate the switches with your mobile device by connecting them to a hub.

The switch makes use of the industry standard of Z-Wave wireless technology. This is the technology used in a lot of smart devices so as to ensure that the highest level of connectivity is achieved for your smart home. It comes with a small LED light and connection button coupled with the power switch.

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