Amazon Responds To Skype and FaceTime With Echo Show Unveiling

Amazon might have found an easy and exciting way of getting people to enjoy landlines once more, the technology having been on its deathbed in the recent past. Echo Show is the tech giant’s latest innovation and an answer to video call apps from other tech giants.

Echo Show Design

Echo Show goes for $230 and comes with Alexa voice assistant, two powerful speakers a camera and touchscreen. While it is the most costly Echo Device from Amazon, the device is by far the most featured based on what it comes with and what it is set to offer. In appearance, it looks like a 7-inch tablet immersed in an Echo speaker system.

A 5MP camera is on offer with the new device in addition to an Advanced Audio distribution profile support. The device run’s on Intel Atom x5-Z8350 sure to guarantee advanced technology and processing capabilities.

Reinventing Video Calls

Trying to reinvent the art of video calls appears to be the motive behind the latest piece of innovation. The main idea behind Echo Show is it make it easier for people above the ages and sixty to make video calls be it from the kitchen or the living room.

By simply issuing a command of the person one wishes to call, the new device will be able to initiate the same without one having to dial numbers. These essentially does away the hustle of having to sit down just to make a call. The fact that kids and even the elderly can be be able to use the Alexa-powered device as long as they are within range all but makes it a game changer in the landline business.

In addition to facilitating calls, Echo Show is designed to work just like the original Amazon Echo. Playing songs by simply responding to commands issued is one of the many capabilities that comes with the latest design. While tapping the device to make a selection is still possible voice commands remain the main user interface.

Amazon is essentially trying to use Echo’s Show to make up on the fact that it was not successfully in developing a successful smartphone. The fact that 76% of mobile shoppers in the U.S have the Amazon App means Echo Show stands a better chance of finding its way into many homes. The same could allow Amazon to take the fight to Skype, FaceTime and Google Video chat that have been at the center of video calls for years.

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