NVIDIA Ranked The Smartest Company In The World By MIT

NVIDIA claimed the top spot in this year’s MIT smartest companies list, thanks to its big bets in Artificial intelligence and deep learning. The chip giant ranked above SpaceX which came second and Amazon came third. Google and Apple with their disruptive technologies ranked 5th and 16th respectively.


NVIDIA has established itself as a developer of graphics chips and video games. However, it has started to expand its footprint into the business of developing chips for powering artificial intelligence technology. It is this bets that researchers at MIT believe justifies the company’s top spot as the world smartest company.

Companies like Google and Apple are turning to NVidia’s data centers and chips for housing and developing their AI technologies. The chip giant is on course to benefit a great deal from these companies big bets having already invested $3 billion in the development of new data center chip. In the first quarter of the year, the company’s revenues from data centers and automotive business grew by 186% and 24% respectively.

NVIDIA has already spent $2 billion on the development of its latest deep learning specific chip, Tesla P100, buoyed by the growing demand for its AI powering products. The chip boasts of over 15 billion transistors making it more powerful than previous chips. Researchers at Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon have already taken note of the chip thus integrating it in their deep learning projects.

“Our new Pascal GPU (graphics processing unit) architecture will give a giant boost to deep learning, gaming and VR (virtual reality). Pascal processors are in full production and will be available later this month,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, NVidia CEO.

Bitcoin and Etherum Push

NVIDIA’S engineering prowess is not only based on its investments on AI and Deep Learning chips. The company is in the process of producing cryptocurrency mining specific chips. The push is part of an effort that seeks to capitalize on the growing hype around Bitcoin and Etherum.

AMD has already started to manufacture cryptocurrency-specific mining chips. However, industry observers believe NVidia stands a better chance to succeed in the business given its success on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

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