Fullscreen Media And AT&T In Influencer Event Partnership

Fullscreen Media has revealed that AT&T’s thx2att will be sponsoring a nationwide influencer event series which will include branded bus tours as well as meet-and-greet tours. There will be three live tours where 30 meet-and-greet events stationed at stores belonging to AT&T across the country will be featured.

The collaboration between AT&T and Fullscreen media will offer creative ways and new opportunities to link fans, content and influencers via pop-up events, giveaways, ticket upgrades and custom experiences. Hosting of the events will be done by Fullscreen talent.

Nationwide tour

The event series will be kicked off by Girls Night In, a fan-favorite which is returning for its third summer. This year, however, is different in that the nationwide tour will take place in partnership with thx2att. Holding of the pop-up events will take place at stores belonging to the telecommunications giant. These events will include co-branded giveaways, question and answer sessions with talent and unique performances.

Also to be included in the pop-up events are ticket giveaways and VIP upgrades. These will be however be restricted to subscribers of Fullscreen Media and AT&T.

“Fullscreen and AT&T are focused on transformative digital storytelling, and these events help bring those stories to life for the fans. By working together we’re creating meaningful experiences and connecting diverse fan communities,” said AT&T Entertainment Group’s marketing executive vice president, Brad Bentley.

Fan connections

According to Fullscreen Media’s chief executive officer, George Strompolos, the support provided by AT&T will assist the firm to improve standards with regards to making fan connections while empowering communities all over the United States.

Already Girls Night In has completed two consecutive tours which have been highly successful. The show which features popular lifestyle and fashion vloggers is highly interactive and immersive. This year the show will reach 24 cities and will include a cast of some of the biggest female vloggers on YouTube. The tour began in Phoenix, Arizona on July 19.

Pioneering event

Among the influencers to be featured include Kristen Hancher, Meg DeAngelis, Gavin Turek and Lauren Giraldo. There will also be special guests and these will include Mia Stammer, Alisha Marie, Wengie, and Safiya Nygaard. The combined fanbase of all these influencers is 25 million followers.

Girls Night In, which was launched two years ago, broke barriers as it was the first time that an ensemble consisting of purely women performed on a digital tour across the country. In the second tour Girls Night In performed in over 20 cities in the United States.

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