Israeli Airstrikes Hits Syrian Military, Tensions Rise

On Thursday, Syria accused Israel of bombing one of its military sites that many linked to production of chemical weapons, and with missiles bound for Hezbollah the militant group. This marks a big escalation of  incursions into Syria by Israeli military jets.

The army command of Syria said the Israeli attack was carried out at 2:42 a.m. near Masyaf. Military analysts said the site is host to an agency in the government that is responsible for the development and production of nonconventional weapons as well as precision missiles.

Syria released a statement that said two of its soldiers had been killed after missiles were fired from airspace in Lebanon. It warned there could be serious repercussions for such acts of aggression.

Previously Israel hit weapons convoys that it suspected were carrying arms to Lebanon based Shiite militia Hezbollah that is fighting alongside the Syrian army supporting President Bashar al-Assad.

On repeated occasions, Israel said it looks at transferring of advanced weaponry to Hezbollah as a red line.

However, tension along the norther borders of Israel with both Syria and Lebanon have become very tense the past few weeks, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Iran, the main supporter of Hezbollah of building locations to produce guided missiles in Lebanon and Syria.

He said Israel would not accept those facilities being built.

Israel has been nervously watching the past few years as the tide in the civil war of Syria shifted to favor Assad, and as Hezbollah and Iran have become much more entrenched near their borders.

During a meeting last month with Vladimir Putin the President of Russia, Netanyahu said that Israel is well prepared to act unilaterally to curb the expansion of Iran inside Syria.

Israel has opposed vehemently cease fire in areas of Syria, brokered by Russia and the U.S., on the grounds it did not do enough to ensure Iran and its proxies would move away from the borders of Israel.

A monitoring group on the ground in Syria said that a storage camp for the military near a research center has been used to store Syria ground to ground missiles and that personnel from Hezbollah and Iran had visited on more than one occasion.

A former security advisor to Prime Minister Netanyahu said that rockets from that facility were transferred in the past to Hezbollah.

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