Eating Hotdogs or Drinking Too Much Alcohol Might Increase Cancer Risk

Eating bacon, hotdogs or a host of other processed meats on a regular basis or drinking over two drinks containing alcohol per day might increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer, warned a just published study.

Other factors that were found to heighten the risk of colorectal cancer included eating large amounts of red meat and being overweight or obese.

This new study, published by the American Institute for Cancer Research with the World Cancer Research Fund found as well that whole-wheat bread or whole grains such as brown rice lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

Strong evidence surface that physical activity also protects against developing colon cancer, said the study’s researchers.

A professor of medicine in the U.S. said that colorectal cancer is a very common cancer, yet this just published report shows that there is a great deal that people are able to do to dramatically lower the risk of them developing the cancer.

The findings, said one medical expert, from this report are clear and robust: Lifestyle and diet play a huge role in colorectal cancer.

The report made examined scientific research from around the globe on how weight, physical activity and diet affected the risk of colorectal cancer.

Ninety-nine studies were analyzed, that included data of over 29 million people of whom more than 250,000 received diagnosis’ of colorectal cancer.

It was concluded by the report that eating an average of three servings or 90 grams of whole grains each day lowers the risk of developing colorectal cancer by 17%.

This added to evidence from previous studies that foods with fiber decrease the risk of this type of cancer.

Those more physically active also have a lower risk of developing colon cancer in comparison to those who lead a very sedentary lifestyle. In this example, the decreased risk was evident for colon cancer and not rectal.

Many ways of helping to prevent colorectal cancer play important roles in overall health. Things such as maintaining good body weight, limiting the intake of processed meat, eating fiber and whole grains and exercising properly lower the risk of developing cancer substantially, researchers said.

No guarantees exist when cancer is involved, but it is now clearer that there are several choices one can make to lower the cancer risk, said researchers.

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