Evacuated Employees in Florida Threatened by Pizza Hut

Massive destruction and large-scale evacuation in Florida was caused by Hurricane Irma over the weekend and into Monday.

Before the storm made a Sunday landfall, over 5 million Florida residents, about a third of the entire state population, were told by authorities to evacuate for their safety.

As people listened to authorities and fled Florida, a Pizza Hut restaurant that was in the path of the storm issued a warning to its employees far different from the pleas of officials of people to flee for their safety.

In a post that has since become viral on Twitter, an employee of the Pizza Hut posted a photo of a printout that was pinned to a board inside the Pizza Hut that advised employees on the guidelines for the hurricane.

The paper had been addressed to all the team members (employees). It stated that the No. 1 priority as the hurricane approached was safety and security of the team members. However, it continued by saying the team members have a responsibility as well as commitment to the community to be present when needed.

The sheet followed with guidelines and general rules that the store would close between 6 and 12 hours prior to the storm and if members of the team planned to evacuate they must let the manager known and tell them when they were planning to return, citing that a team member is allowed to have just a 24-hour period prior to the storm as a grace period, and must return with a period of 72 hours.

The letter added that team members could not evacuate on a Friday for a storm event that happens on a Tuesday. It reiterated that following the grace period of 24 hours, team members were expected to work assigned shifts.

The letter ended by saying that failure to show up for assigned shift, regardless of the reason, will be considered no show/no call and documentation will then be issued.

Users on Twitter quickly made negative comments about the post calling Pizza Hut out for placing more importance on profits than its employees.

Following the negative attacks toward the post, Pizza Hut released a statement that said the store in Florida was not representative of the policy of the corporation as a whole.

The statement added that Pizza Hut was uncompromising in its commitment to the well-being and safety of all its team members. It added that all locations that were in the path of the hurricane were closed and would remain that way until authorities deemed the area to be safe.

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