Top Security Official from U.S. Targeted in Cuba

The top U.S. official in charge of security at the U.S. Embassy located in Havana, Cuba is one of more than 20 Americans that have been affected by mysterious attacks which triggered a number of injuries, said two sources familiar with these incidents but requested anonymity due to not being authorized to publicly speak regarding them.

The position, called the Regional Security Officer, is the senior law enforcement officer as well as security adviser that interfaces with foreign law enforcement.

They are very important in overseeing the security and safety of each U.S. embassy and its personnel.

The name of the RSO has not been released. He is scheduled to receive medical treatment. The new development illustrates just how far reaching these attacks have been as they reached the embassy’s senior security leader. The embassy reopened two years ago.

Last week, five GOP senators from the Intelligence Committee sent Secretary of State Rex Tillerson a letter calling for him to expel all Cuban diplomats in the United States and consider shuttering the U.S. Embassy in Cuba.

The senators’ letter read that Cuba’s neglect of the duty to protect U.S. diplomats and families must be challenged.

The secretary of state responded that the situation is under evaluation, is a very serious issue in relation to the harm certain people suffered. He added that some of those people have been brought home.

Although publicly the U.S. had not blamed Cuba for these attacks, the U.S. State Department requested that two embassy officials from Cuba living in Washington leave the U.S.

The two were identified as Frank Silva Hernandez and Joel Lago Oliva. Documents from the U.S. State Department list them as First Secretaries. Sources said the two were intelligence officials. The two have left the U.S.

The president of Cuba Raul Castro suggested to Jeffry DeLaurentis, then the U.S. Ambassador, in February that these attacks may have been caused by rogue elements.

However, one of the sources that said that followed it up saying that nothing takes place on the Caribbean island without one of the Castro’s giving the OK.

The only son of Raul Castro Col. Alejandro Castro Espin, who is 52, is one of the highest-ranking officials in Cuban intelligence.

Some sources and analysts close to the investigation by the U.S. of these attacks have said there is the possibility a third country was behind them, perhaps an adversary such as Iran, Russia or North Korea.

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