President Trump Lashes Out at McCain Over Healthcare Opposition

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump laced into Senator John McCain for breaking with him and opposing the latest plan of the Republicans to roll back Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act.

Trump said the Arizona senator let down his state and was deceived by Democrats thus abandoned his promise.

In several angry-worded tweets Trump sent from his New Jersey golf resort in Bedminster, he argued that McCain, whose Friday announcement that he was not backing the measure mostly like ended any hopes it would pass, had misled members of the GOP knowingly about his stance on the measure.

In another tweet, Trump said there were increases in premiums for healthcare and deductibles in Arizona in 2016. Trump added that Charlie Schumer had sold a bill of goods to John McCain, referring to the senator for New York, who opposed the measure.

The president stood behind the approach of the measure, which envisions the U.S. government sending grants to the states so they can administer their healthcare systems allowing them wide discretion over how the money would be used.

It would give them the right to seek federal waivers to allow insurers to charge premiums that are higher to people that have pre-existing medical conditions and or omit specific benefits they now are required to provide, like mental health care or maternity care.

Trump sent another tweet out that said McCain had let down his good friend Senator Lindsey Graham, who was one of the sponsors of the bill.

The latest barrage of weekend tweets by President Trump came the morning after McCain surprised him and his aides by announcing abruptly that he in good conscience could not support the measure by Graham and Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, saying it was too partisan and its costs and impacts on the healthcare of millions were not known.

The decision by McCain, whose vote against the earlier iteration of a repeal bill for healthcare killed the effort last July, dealt another setback to Trump in his effort to fulfill his campaign promise to repeal the signature healthcare of former President Barack Obama.

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul already had come out against the healthcare measure, and Senate leaders can only lose three members in a chamber that is 52 to 48 in favor of the GOP.

Trump, while speaking during an Alabama rally Friday, recalled the earlier defection by McCain by imitating the thumbs down gesture of the Arizona senator to indicate his opposition on the floor of the Senate for the first measure.

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