Arby’s Offers Venison Sandwiches and Tests Elk

Arby’s the fast-food chain that is known for having the meat, has lived up to its moniker this year, as it has announced the release of its venison sandwiches across the country, while it is testing elk sandwiches in a few select markets.

The venison sandwiches at Arby’s will be available starting October 21 in each of the 3,300 restaurants in the U.S., and an Elk sandwich will be available for a limited time in three locations in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

Arby’s venison sandwiches, which were sold first last year in a few states and in minutes were sold out, will be available while supplies last. They are likely to sell out very quickly again, said Jim Taylor, the chain’s CMO.

If there is interest on the part of anyone to try the venison sandwich, the only way of guaranteeing that one will be available to be at an Arby’s locations on Saturday October 21 either shortly before they open or at the time of opening just the same way people did last year, suggested Taylor.

Arby’s uses a New Zealand supplier for its venison. The venison is from free-range, grass fed deer, said Taylor.

He added that it took over a year of working with suppliers to secure a sufficient amount of product for what the fast food chain believes it the largest venison promotion anywhere in the world that has ever been done.

Arby’s venison sandwich will feature a thick cut of venison steak with crispy onions complemented by a berry sauce inside a toasted roll, said a statement released by the company.

The company, added Taylor, used hunters’ and wild game enthusiasts’ feedback as well as social media to create its elk and venison sandwiches.

He said the new elk sandwich, which is to be served in the states were elk hunting is very popular, will be similar to their venison sandwich with the exception that it will have a blackberry port wine sauce instead.

Taylor told the media that Arby’s looked at what wild game enthusiast and hunters love talking about eating and it always occurred that the same thing always came up – venison and elk – and the company is sure that both will be hugely popular.

Elk sandwich lovers can find the sandwich in Thornton, Colorado, Casper, Wyoming and Billings, Montana at a selected location for each.

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