Autonomous Bus Suffers Accident on First Day

A new autonomous shuttle bus suffered an accident on its first day in Las Vegas. On Wednesday, when the new service made its debut, the bus was involved in an accident with a delivery truck, said a spokesperson in a prepared statement released by the city.

The accident occurred in the center of Las Vegas, as the bus stopped automatically trying to avoid an accident after sensors on the vehicle detected the delivery truck, said the city’s statement.

Unfortunately, the truck did not stop as it grazed the shuttle’s front fender, the statement said. Had the delivery truck had sensing equipment that was the same as the shuttle’s, the accident would not have happened, said city officials.

Local media said that no one was injured in the accident.

The self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas is a pilot project scheduled for 12 months by AAA and transportation management company Keolis.

The buses are free on  a route that is just over half a mile long around the district in which the city has that it is developing to be a tech hub.

The buses have eight seats, are electric and made by the French company Navya.

The project is testing how the shuttle will fare as part of the transportation network of the city while exposing the public to autonomous technology.

At the time of the accident, the eight passengers in the shuttle bus were reportedly wearing their seat belts. One passenger told a local television network that the truck driver did not see the shuttle and continued backing up.

The passenger added that everyone on the bus was saying oh no he will hit the bus, he is going to hit it and then that is just what happened.

The driver of the truck was cited for the accident by authorities said officials at the city, when a call was placed to request whom had been at fault.

Following the accident, city officials pulled the shuttle from service the remainder of the day, but officials said the city was planning to continue its pilot project.

Countries, cities and towns around the world are becoming more and more interested in electric, autonomous vehicles as the push is to first end the use of fossil fuel engines for transportation and secondly use autonomous driving technology for both public and private services.

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