CICO Diet Not Being Supported by Nutritionists

The CICO diet is the most popular dieting form on Reddit, and it is not being supported by nutritionists. Discussion website Reddit has endless numbers of “subreddit” forums and has posts about the CICO diet on many of its forums that are dedicated to weight loss.

One of Reddit’s users who has followed the CICO diet for months has lost 20 pounds and wrote that for many years she thought that losing weight required a great deal of exercise and eating only tilapia, spinach and broccoli. But she said she was very wrong.

In another thread one user said the CICO diet works regardless of what is being eaten. It does not matter if its junk food, fancy food, healthy food or cheap food, CICO essentially is all that matters when related to weight loss.

However, CICO – calories in, calories out – has been and continues to be challenged by nutritionists and the old way of thinking about diets.

CICO suggests that anything can be eaten and weight loss can still occur through creating a deficit in calories during the day, meaning consume fewer calories than are expended each day.

However, it is argued by nutritionists that not all of the calories are created equal, and that relying on counting of calories to reduce weight is a disservice to the body. In addition, they said it must be taken into consideration how food choices affect the body beyond just weight loss.

One nutritionist said that eating just junk food, but keeping it low in calories, will create negative things with the skin, functions related to gastrointestinal and your mood.

Nutritionists agree that calories are what rules when it comes to losing weight, but only in the true and most raw way possible.

On clinical dietitian said that a well-balanced diet is needed for things such as muscle growth and recovery and tissue repair. She added that while people are able to lose weight using a CICO diet, she does not recommend it to her patients.

When people are interested in calorie counting, what is important said the nutritionist is having a balance and healthy meal that has protein, vegetables and whole grains.

For an average woman who wants to lose weight, the nutritionist suggests 1,500 calories per day is the goal.

That amount of calories might be a bit higher or lowing depending up being taller or shorter or the amount of exercise done, but as a starting point, 1,500 is good.

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