Apple Slowing Down Old iPhones

Apple acknowledged what many owners of iPhones have long suspected: It is slowing the older phones.

The Cupertino, California based tech behemoth issued one of its rare statements of explanation Thursday, saying it used updates of software to limit performance of its older iPhones that might have issues with batteries that would cause the device to suddenly turnoff.

Analysts in the tech industry and upset customers have reported recently that the updates to the operating system have caused the older iPhones to become much slower, with some making a suggestions that Apple might be using that tactic to encourage its fans to purchases a new iPhone.

However, Apple has insisted that the updates were designed with another goal: the performance of the phone’s lithium-ion battery degrades over a period, which can at times cause the phones to shut down suddenly so they can protect their delicate components.

Apple said that updates to software for its iPhone 6 and 6S, iPhone SE and the iPhone 7 have been designed to smooth the peak power demands out, prevent surprise shutdowns, as well as in the end prolong the battery’s lifespan. However, the updates can lead as well to speeds slowing down.

CEO of StoreDot a startup that makes an instant charging batter, Doron Myersdorf said smoothing out just means that the iPhones will reorder the incoming commands making sure not all are completed in parallel.

He explained that the inevitable results will create a slowdown of the device for the average response times of the system.

Apple said in a prepared statement that it would continue to use this features with its other products moving forward. Apple in a prepared statement said its goal was to deliver the best overall experience for its clients, which includes performance and the prolonging of the life of their different devices.

This revelation created a strong outcry from fans of the iPhone maker, with some of them suggesting they might switch to Apple’s big rival Samsung.

One customer said since Apple has admitted it slows down older iPhones, the chances are he will not purchase another iPhone.

The smartphone industry has become very competitive with Apple and Samsung fighting at the top for market share. While this can be good for customers and prices, it makes it hard to decide on one brand to buy as they are so similar in what they contain for components.

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