Hospital Sued By Woman Who Says Nurse Took Photos of Her Naked

A former employee of a hospital in Pennsylvania sued the hospital, claiming a nurse had taken nude photos of her while she was having surgery.

Sheila Harosky, who for over a decade worked for Washington Hospital, was having a hernia operation when nurse Sharon Bourgo allegedly took photos of Harosky. The images were shared by Bourgo with other members of the medical staff and at some point with Harosky herself, said report from a news channel in Pittsburgh.

Harosky, who is 45, told the news channel that Bourgo showed her several photos of Harosky unconscious while being prepped for her surgery in the OR. Harosky said that right there in the photos were her private parts.

Harosky then reported the incident to human resources, but claims it was not handled properly by the hospital. Just one apology over what happened was given to her and that was from an administrative assistant.

Harosky claims no one said they were sorry other than the administrative assistant and that included her management team, the hospital administration and HR.

The hospital claimed the photos had been part of a personal joke, where Harosky had knowingly placed intestines that were fake on her prior to being operated on, according to the hospital statement.

A news outlet in Pittsburgh said that the Washington Health System had disputed Harosky’s version of what happened and intended to defend that.

They claim she triggered the events by bringing in fake intestines to the OR and asking that they be put on top of her abdomen during the procedure so she could play a practical joke on friends, coworkers as well as the surgeon.

Harosky did admit she had played a joke, but said at no time did she give permission to any of the medical personnel to snap photos of her private parts.

She filed the lawsuit against the hospital, Dr. Dennis Brown the CEO, and his entire medical staff. The suit alleges an invasion of privacy, malpractice as well as 15 more counts.

The lawsuit says that Bourgo was fired due to her actions, and Harosky does not work at the hospital any longer. She claims that she received continual harassment from colleagues and hoped she would be given a transfer to another unit, but that did not happen.

When she ran out of leave during October, she was fired by the hospital through a certified letter.

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